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Education being the central focus in the present world today, which inturn prepares the students for the jobs tomorrow, with their choice of either being an employeer or an employee.The Internet fundamentally changed how people learn and this also, led to the change in the education sector, and here is where The blockchain finds its way,to grip the education to an other level.Blockchain being the fool proof system, that provides an encrypted way of ensuring that a person is qualified and educated enough to grab for a position.It allows the people to build a secure, verifiable digital record of academic qualifications, experiences and skills that they posses.

BlockChain Business

The knowledge on blockchain technologies and functionalities now have ventured forward to create opportunities, as well as challenges in every industry of life. Since, Blockchain is a complete new way to document data or store data on internet distributively, this technology can be used to develop blockchain applications in every sector of our daily life example: health or gaming or education.Blockchain being a revolution has moved all its way to reshape the world in financial services due to its transparency. where the Educational firms now can make use of blockchain to track the financial accounting of their students.

Blockchain Usecase

Financial asset tokanization can be the revolutionary trend to eliminate middle men system. The exciting technology makes path to verify a persons' identity digitally in a secure manner. this ultimately, reduces the Paper records that can be destroyed as it ages, or storing in a Centralized servers that can be hacked.There goes a long list of use cases today out of which Gala blockchain, being a startup in the blockchain are seeking to establish new digital relationships between our customers and us in educating the world by our new tokens and apps,bulit by smart contrats on ethereum based on blockchain.

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Take some time and meet our Employees?

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We are My Tutor Blockchain,We are educating and providing services on blockchain technology.

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About Us

With a motto to incorporate an awareness, on the blockchain to the entire world has brought us together to build this knowledge sharing platform in 2018.
Our strong technical team, who have been worked with the Giant firms are persistently gaining knowledge on blockchain by a research since 2016.
We being the research and knowledge sharing manifesto, we do provide the blockchain programs to the Start ups and corporate.
We found that the present youth is the future generation who could take the world a step ahead,
this has molded us to step forward in creating interests and excite the young students in the crypto world.

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